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COVID-19 and measures in Club Sincoolka

Czech Technical University in Prague is closed for students of Bachelor and Masters programs. All teaching is done remotely. Please refer to your faculty's instructions for more details.

Other colleges in Prague are also mostly closed, with certain exceptions (link goes to a Czech PDF).

The best places to go for new information about COVID-19 and coronavirus measures – all fully in English:

Currently, Prague is marked as a high-risk zone with community transmission of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. According to the current CTU rector's directive 16/2020, if this is the case, then all the sports grounds in CTU buildings in Prague are closed. This will remain the case at least until 2020/10/31.

Currently, the office hours are fairly regular. Please see Computer network section for details.

We politely ask you to wear a face mask for your visit. We will have them, too. We thank you for protecting others.

The directive SIN-NP-2020/2 and directive SIN-NP-2020/4 are now in effect which, starting from 23rd March, apply these restrictions:

  • the operation of gym at Sinkuleho dormitory has been suspended,
  • the operation of sauna at Sinkuleho dormitory has been suspended,
  • Multimedia room reservations at Sinkuleho dormitory have been suspended.

As of July 1st, there are no further restrictions imposed, by the President of CTU SU, on the club events or gatherings. Some government regulations are still in effect.

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