COVID-19 and measures in Club Sincoolka

The best places to go for new information about COVID-19 and coronavirus measures – all fully in English:

To protect our volunteers, as well as you, we are closing the personal office hours in LAB.

Currently this is from Monday 23rd March to Sunday 5th April, but may be extended.

Solving user issues

We kindly ask you not to visit our volunteers personally. Instead, we are solving issues already through email, where you are welcome to write.

You may also want to go through section Computer network for walkthroughs, or consult FAQ - Troubleshooting - Frequent issues.

You may also use the temporary tech support line +420 910 128 256, during the office hours (Monday and Wednesday, 8.00-9.00pm). The call is billed as a regular landline call to the Czech Republic.

Mainly for people who already use Microsoft Teams - we have created a team. You can join it using this code: mq7m0az. You will then find a support channel which you can visit.

There should be no need to visit our volunteers personally, and it is also forbidden at this time 1)

The directive SIN-NP-2020/2 is now in effect which, starting from 23rd March, applies these restrictions:

  • the operation of gym at Sinkuleho dormitory has been suspended,
  • the operation of sauna at Sinkuleho dormitory has been suspended,
  • Multimedia room reservations at Sinkuleho dormitory have been suspended.
  • the office hours in LAB have been currently suspended (see the section above).

The Board of Club Sincoolka will review the options of membership fee refund or other compensation.

see rector's order No. 07/2020, Article II, paragraph 7g (Czech only)
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