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-===== Set up Wi-Fi on Android =====+====== Set up Wi-Fi on Android ======
-  - Turn on Wifi and go to Settings -> Wifi. 
-  - Choose **Sincoolka (5G (FT)) network**. A window should open to enter login credentials. 
-  - Check that you have either **PEAP or TTLS** chosen in the //EAP method// field. 
-  - In //Identity//, enter your login email to SINIS and in //Password//, enter your password. 
-  - Leave //Anonymous identity// blank. 
-  - Tap **Connect**. 
-If //Connect// cannot be tappedadditional steps will be necessary:+===== Manual setup ===== 
 +<note tip>Remove current //Sincoolka// or //Sincoolka 5G// Wi-Fi networks before continuing.</note> 
 +  - Turn on Wifi and go to Settings -> Wifi. 
 +  - Choose **Sincoolka or Sincoolka 5G network**if available. A window should open to enter login credentials. 
 +  - In //EAP Method//, choose **TTLS**. 
 +  - Set //Phase 2// to **PAP**. 
 +  - In //Identity//, enter your SIN login or SIN email (it can be found [[https://sinis.sin.cvut.cz|in SINIS]]) and in //Password//, enter your SINIS password. 
 +    - //Warning: some keyboards add a blank space after you enter your email. You have to remove that space!// 
 +  - Set //Anonymous identity// to ''anonymous@sin.cvut.cz'' 
 +  - //(For Android 10 and newer)// Tap //Advanced settings//, click //Privacy// and select //Use device MAC//.
   - From //Certificate//, select **Use system certificates**   - From //Certificate//, select **Use system certificates**
-  - Then, in //Domain// field, enter **radius.sin.cvut.cz**+  - Then, in //Domain// field (if it appears), enter ''radius.sin.cvut.cz''
   - Now, tap **Connect**   - Now, tap **Connect**
 +In rare cases, it may be necessary to install certificate manually. In that case, please, follow the [[en:verejne:sit:cert|]] page.
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