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Certificates - verifying our network identity

In case you need our RADIUS server certificate, or the Certificate Authority certificate, we offer download below.

Local copies are also available below.

RADIUS server certificate (PEM)
CA certificates (TERENA SSL CA 3, DigiCert Assured ID Root CA)

Cryptographic signature of RADIUS certificate: ‎CC:77:A0:85:88:CA:0C:F8:89:15:28:FB:3B:1D:70:B2:CA:10:B3:8D

To save these to your device, right-click/tap-and-hold on these links and select Save link as… / Save target as…

DigiCert Assured ID Root CA - PEM
DigiCert Assured ID Root CA - DER

First, download these certificates into your Android device. We recommend using Chrome or integrated browser to perform the download, or download them using your laptop/computer and transfer to your Android using a USB cable or an SD card.

DigiCert Assured ID Root CA - PEM
DigiCert Assured ID Root CA - DER

The following instructions differ from device to device, but they all follow the same theme:

In your Android device:

  • Go to SettingsWi-Fi.
  • Go to Advanced Wi-Fi. This can be hidden in a context menu.
  • Choose Install a certificate.
  • A file browser should open. Find your downloaded certificate file (usually in “Downloads” directory) and tap the file. (You only need to install one of the PEM/DER. If one fails, try the other one.)
    • Follow the instructions on your device. Choose a name for the certificate, like “DigiCert” or “Sincoolka”.
    • Choose Wi-Fi as a certificate type, if possible.
    • Confirm the installation.
    • Then, during setting up Wi-Fi, select this new certificate as a CA certificate.
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