Computer network

Among other things, we provide our members with high-quality academic network connection to CESNET and Internet, both on Sinkuleho and Dejvická dormitory. This benefit is available to members with Network membership.

Up-to-1Gbps Ethernet and Wi-Fi connection is provided on both dormitories.

Our dedicated team of volunteers from both Sincoolka and CTU Student Union takes care of the network. Connectivity is provided by CTU – Computing and Information Center.

Time appointed to new members registration and solving user issues with local network connection is currently:

  • Monday, 23rd September between 8 pm. and 9 pm
  • Tuesday, 24th September between 8 pm. and 9 pm
  • Wednesday, 25th September between 8 pm. and 9 pm
  • Thursday, 26th September between 8 pm. and 9 pm

and then each Monday and Wednesday between 8 pm. and 9 pm.

Office hours take place in “LAB”, a room located at Sinkuleho dormitory, at the corridor no. 14, across from elevator.

For other inquiries, please contact or try knocking on our door.

Are you currently at either Sinkuleho or Dejvická dormitory? First, register to our club Sincoolka through SINIS. It will only take a couple of minutes.

During the registration, you will register your first device's MAC address. This device will gain access to the network shortly after registration, for 5 days.

To complete the registration, you will then visit our office (LAB) during the office hours.

And finally, you will pay the membership fee - for access to the network, you will need at least Basic and Network membership. You will have 14 days to pay after signing the form.

If you want to register other devices or change the currently registered devices, please follow the instructions at this link.

We offer nice benefits for our members with Network membership, including (but not limited to):

Note that when your membership expires, you will lose access to these benefits. We delete the content of expired members shortly after expiration to save space (and to comply with GDPR).

If you happen to lose access and need to get some data out, feel free to contact us and we will see what we can do.

Stumbled upon an issue?

Please, take a look at first, where we release information about planned outages and also issues we are currently looking into.

Nothing there? Take a look at FAQ - Troubleshooting - Frequent issues – this contains the most frequent issues and solutions to them. Have you looked thoroughly but nothing solved your problem? Write us at or visit us during our office hours (or knock on our doors, but be ready to bring something nice :-) ) and we'll look at it together.

Our uplink is to CTU - Computing and Information Center with available bandwidth of 1 Gbps. That is what you can get using the cable connection.

Maximum TCP throughput of Wi-Fi is approx. 200 Mbps at Sinkuleho dormitory and approx. 600 Mbps at Dejvická dormitory (802.11ac).

Core switch Juniper EX4600 aggregates all access switches at Sinkuleho dormitory (Juniper, 3Com, Cisco); available bandwidth per switch is 10 Gbps.

Dejvická dormitory is also connected to Sinkuleho dormitory, using a wireless 80 GHz (71-76, 81-86 GHz) link. Licensed capacity is 2 Gbps, currently 1 Gbps is available.

Did we get your interest peaked? Are you longing to know more? Feel free to give us a knock or come to our office, we'll be glad to show you more! :)