Cable connection

Members of Club Sincoolka with Network membership can use sockets in the wall to connect to the network.

Sinkuleho dormitory: all sockets in your room should work.
Dejvická dormitory: only two sockets are working in each room.

If your device is known, you will be connected to Internet straight away. ~~If not, you should be redirected to our Information System - SINIS.~~

Your device needs to be registered to access our cable network. Please follow the instructions at Connect new device to the network.
Important info (as of 30th Jan 2019):
Due to some issues with our network equipment, if your device is unknown, you may not be redirected to SINIS. In that case, please use the Wi-Fi Sincoolka-registration to access SINIS.

Also, if you need a cable, come to the LAB during office hours; we have a couple of them to give. ;)