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Cable connection

Members of Club Sincoolka with Network membership can use sockets in the wall to connect to the network.

Sinkuleho dormitory: all sockets in your room should work.
Dejvická dormitory: only two sockets are working in each room.

If your device is known, you will be connected to Internet straight away. If not, you should be redirected to our Information System - SINIS.

Your device needs to be registered to access our cable network. Please follow the instructions at Connect new device to the network.

Also, if you need a cable, come to the LAB during office hours; we have a couple of them to give. ;)

All devices connected with an Ethernet cable get not only an IPv6 address, but a public IPv4 address as well, it is therefore necessary to correctly configure the firewall on such devices. Alas, people do not, so, unfortunately, we had to close some ports that people commonly leave open by mistake:

Service Protocol Port
Telnet TCP,UDP 23
NetBIOS TCP,UDP 137,138,139
SMB (Samba) TCP,UDP 445
RDP (remote desktop) TCP,UDP 3389
Microsoft SQL TCP,UDP 1433,1434
OracleDB TCP,UDP 1521,1830
PostgreSQL TCP,UDP 5432,5433
Memcached TCP,UDP 11211
MongoDB TCP,UDP 27017,27018,27019,28017
Redis TCP,UDP 6379
DirectJet/AppSocket/Raw/HP print/… (printing) TCP,UDP 9100
LPD/LPR (printing) TCP,UDP 515
IPP/CUPS (printing) TCP,UDP 631
Ostatní TCP,UDP 6666

If you need to have one of these ports open, please visit us during the office hours or send us an email.

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