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Club membership

Club Sincoolka offers its membership to all university students accommodated at either Sinkuleho or Dejvická dormitory. Other persons can also apply, subject to conditions for membership in CTU Student Union clubs.

In case of doubt, it is best to ask our Chairman or the Executive Board.

First, we'll ask you to create an account in our SINIS. You can do that through our computer network (Wi-Fi or cable). Alternatively, we will register you in our office (LAB).

Then, you will need to come to our office (LAB) with a valid identity document (citizen ID or passport) and sign a paper sign-up form.

Then you will pay the membership fee.

And, once we receive your payment, assuming all conditions are met, you become our member!

Membership type Cost Benefits + details
Basic CZK 1 000 / semester Ability to borrow various devices and equipment offered by the club.
General membership benefits and rights.
Option of participating in Board elections. Connection to academic network.
Access to the dormitory printer.
Sports CZK 500 / semester Access to the gym and sauna.
Requires valid Basic membership.

All Sincoolka members are also members of CTU Student Union, bearing all the rights and responsibilities of a member as described in Statues of Club Sincoolka and Statues of CTU Student Union.

Both documents are currently only available in Czech language.

  • All members need to have the basic membership. Network and Sports membership are optional.
  • It is possible to combine memberships and pay for a missing membership during semester.
  • The amount is fixed. It is not possible to get discount when connecting during the semester.
  • The trial period to pay the membership fee starts on the day of signing the application form to the club (for the new members) or beginning of the new semester (for the old members) and lasts 15 days.
  • If the user does not pay the fee in this trial period, his account on the server will be deleted including all user data.

It is necessary to pay the fee by

It is not possible to pay cash to administrators of the network. If you need to make a cash payment, use postal money order or pay by cash at a Fio bank office. Both come with a fee.

Our preferred method.

Do you have an account with a bank in the Czech Republic? Order your bank to send us money, and in most cases, the money will reach us in a couple of minutes. If instant payments are not available at your bank, then please expect the money to arrive in 1-2 working days.

Payment details

  • (Beneficiary) Account number: 99924050 / 2010 (FIO bank)
  • Amount: the sum of membership fees (e.g. Basic + Sports –> 1 000 + 500 = 1 500 CZK)
  • Variable symbol: fill in your UID (you can find it in SINIS after login)
  • Constant symbol: do not fill in
  • Specific symbol: do not fill in
  • Message for payee: Membership fee - your name

Studentská unie ČVUT
Jugoslávských partyzánů 1580/3
160 00 Praha 6 – Dejvice

Payments through SEPA are highly discouraged, however if you really need to perform them, please contact us at platby@sin.cvut.cz.

Now, you can pay the membership fee through an online payment gateway. To pay on-line, log in to SINIS and go to “Membership & Payment” section.

Both network and sport membership can be paid this way. We use pays.cz s.r.o. and Comgate Payments, a.s. as our online payment service providers.

Supplemental information

  • Warning: Check with your bank about their fees for online payments and currency conversion.
  • We will activate your membership immediately after we receive the confirmation of payment from our gateway provider. It should only take a few minutes.
  • Your credit or debit card must have online payments allowed. The gateway will use 3D Secure verification (Mastercard SecureCard, Verified By Visa atd.) where possible.
    • TIP: With most banks, it is possible to temporarily allow online payments and disable them after payment.
  • We never collect your credit or debit card details. The system of pays.cz / Comgate is used to facilitate the payment through trustworthy partners.
  • After your payment is complete, you will receive a confirmation on your e-mail. We will pass your e-mail address to pays.cz / Comgate. It will be used solely for this purpose and for identification/as a contact in case of a claim.
Be advised that a friend with a Czech bank account can perform the transfer on your behalf, using the wire transfer details above.

For most money operations, a Czech bank account will come in quite handy though.

You can pay with cash:

  • At any Czech Post office (Česká pošta) with Money Order A. The fee for this service is CZK 44.
  • At any Fio bank office. The fee for this service is CZK 90 Kč.

You will need our bank account information to pay. They are the same for wire transfer.

*This is how you fill out the Money Order A:*

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The closest Post Office:
Kafkova 102/19
160 00 Praha 6, Dejvice
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The closest Fio bank office:
Dejvická 574/33
160 00 Praha 6, Dejvice
Show the map

I would like to connect in the middle of the current college term. Is it possible to pay a portion (e.g. a half) of the membership fee?

Unfortunately not. The issue is that we are a part of CTU Student Union, which is a civic society. The membership fee can only be accepted in whole.

When do I pay the fee? What are the payment deadlines?

The membership fee is paid once each half a year. Below are the respective date spans:

  • The first half of the year is from 1st January to 30th June; you can pay during this period. The membership paid in this period is active until 30th September.
  • The second half of the year is from 1st July to 31st December; you can pay during this period. The membership paid in this period is active until 28th (29th) February.

The first half of the year is basically the summer semester and the second half is the winter semester. The exact duration of your membership can be found in SINIS in the “Membership & Payment” section.

I already have basic membership and I want to include another membership. Do I need to pay for basic membership again?

Nope, each membership type can be paid only once during the given term.

Why cannot I pay for only three months? (e.g. 500 CZK for a quarter of the year)

Mainly due to the administrative burden. The membership fees are set in a way that does not bring excessive burden to our administrators, treasurer or accountant. Administrators and treasurer carry out their duties voluntarily and without reward.

Is it possible to pay the membership fee "in advance"? (e.g. 2 000 CZK for a year)

Currently not. It would bring a great administrative burden, mainly due to the interaction with the tax office.

Can I pay the membership fee for multiple people?

Yes, that is possible. Please, send the fee for each person separately, with the correct amount and variable symbol for each member.

Example: If you sent us an amount of 2 000 CZK for 2 people, then we could not activate your membership and we would have to return that payment. The correct way is to send 1 000 CZK with VS 12345 and 1 000 CZK with VS 12346.

What will happen if I don't pay the membership fee in time?

The next day after the deadline, your services will deactivate, along with your access to them (e.g. the gym). As for the network membership, our network equipment will disable your access to the network.

Paying through wire/bank transfer/internetbanking (or at a Czech Post)? To make (y)our job easier, make sure that account number, variable symbol and the amount is correct. You can find all of these on the Club Membership page, and also after logging in to SINIS - tab “Membership & Payments”.

If you messed up the variable symbol and the amount is correct, contact the admins at admin@sin.cvut.cz and we will match the payment manually.

Accidentally punched in wrong amount of money? We usually return these payments where they came from. But just in case, please let us know at admin@sin.cvut.cz anyway.

In any case, if something went wrong with your payment, you can make a claim - please email us the payment details as soon as possible at admin@sin.cvut.cz and we will handle it without undue delay. If you paid by wire/bank transfer, please also include your bank account number.

Usually the matter is resolved in several days. In case we determine the error was not caused by us, we will pass your claim to our payment service provider.

Be advised that the whole claim process can, in the worst case, take up to 30 days.

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