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E-mail account

Every member of the club has an e-mail account and a mailbox created in the process of registration to the computer network. E-mail address has this form: name_written_on_registration_form@sin.cvut.cz. The exact address can be found in SINIS.

Members can add or change aliases to their e-mail account in SINIS.

Reading e-mails can be done through web interface, or using any e-mail client with IMAP support (Thunderbird, …).

protocol server address port connection security authentication method
Incoming mail IMAP imap.sin.cvut.cz 993 SSL/TLS Normal password
Outgoing mail SMTP imap.sin.cvut.cz 465 SSL/TLS Normal password

We have employed an advanced Bayes classifier (using Rspamd software) which moves suspected spam e-mails to the Spam folder and rejects outright spam. The classifier can learn - and you can help it by moving spam email to the Spam folder. If an e-mail appears in the Spam folder incorrectly, you can move it back to the Inbox folder and the classifier will learn about that, too.

The processing is completely automated with no data being sent to third parties.

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