Streamed TV

Streamed television is available only for users connected directly into the computer network of Club Sincoolka by network cable.

Currently, we are receiving streams from various CTU segments, and also foreign academic networks. The easiest way to watch the streams is to use VLC media player.

If you already have it installed on your device, start it.

By default, the Playlist is integrated in the main window. Click on the Local network item in left column, then on the item named Network streams (SAP). After some delay, the list of streamed television stations should show up:

If the list doesn't show up and you meet the necessary condition of direct cable connection to the network of Club Sincoolka, contact the administrators and write them that you suspect the stream doesn't work. If you write in which dormitory and room you attempted to watch the television, it might help them to solve the problem.

If the main window of your VLC player looks like the image below, click on the Show playlist icon, or select View → Playlist in the menu.

Then proceed as before:

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