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Network printer

2022-11-30: The printer is out of order until further notice.


At this time, there is a network printer HP Color LaserJet Professional CP5225dn available for users with active Network membership. The printer has automatic duplex unit installed for A3 and A4 paper formats.

Printed documents can be collected in the kitchen on the east wing of corridor no. 13 (next to the server room), through the hole in the door between the kitchen and the server room.

You can ask us by email for further details.

Your printing history can be found in SINIS.

Printing only works from Club Sincoolka network.

The printer is available using IPPS protocol at the following address:

  • For Windows:
  • For Linux / Android / macOS:

Setup instructions for your operating system can be found in the links below.

You can charge your account in cash with the administrators, either during the office hours in LAB, or you can write to tisk@sin.cvut.cz and someone will respond.

You can write to tisk@sin.cvut.cz to get 10 CZK free, to test the printing.

We calculate the cost of printing based on the paper used, and the amount of toner used. Each page is first decomposed to the four basic color elements - Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and BlacK - and then the price is calculated based on color usage.

Technical details of accounting are available on a special page (in Czech only).

In reality, you can expect black&white pages to cost 1–2 CZK per page. This depends on how much text and graphics you have on the page. Color pages vary wildly.

Price list:

Toner Price for 1% coverage of the page (incl. VAT)
BlacK 0,11 Kč
Cyan 0,16 Kč
Magenta 0,16 Kč
Yellow 0,16 Kč

These are the prices for an A4 page. With A3, the price per percent is doubled, because the possible printing area is twice as big.

Price list for papers:

Paper format Price per sheet (incl. VAT)
A4 0,50 Kč
A3 1 Kč

FIXME If you want to have an idea about the price of your print, we will publish a guide soon, how to find out.

Frequent issues are summarized at FAQ, section Network printer (working on the translation), please check there first.

Paper format letter is not supported.

If there is any issue with your printing job, you should receive an email from us. Beware that it may end up in Junk / Spam folder.

Please, report any problems with the printer to email address tisk@sin.cvut.cz.

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