Members of Club Sincoolka with Network membership can also use the Wi-Fi connection. Use Wi-Fi network Sincoolka 5G or Sincoolka. We prefer 5G variant, if available.

To register your device for use in the Sincoolka network, please follow the instructions on a separate page.

User name / Login / Identity: your SIN username or SIN email (find it in SINIS after logging in),
Password: your SINIS password,
Anonymous identity: anonymous@sin.cvut.cz (optional)

CA certificate: download from Certificates - verifying our network identity, or, with Android, you can use system certificates,
Domain: radius.sin.cvut.cz

It is vital to set the CA certificate and domain correctly, to prevent anyone from stealing your login credentials. To ensure your settings are correct, you may use the walkthroughs below.
If there is a choice to use anonymous identity, we recommend you to do so. Without it, your user name / email will be transferred over-the-air unencrypted, available for anyone around to scoop.

We offer several WiFi networks on our infrastructure to choose from:

Name (SSID) 2.4 GHz 5 GHz Enterprise network (802.1X) Fast roaming (802.11r) Note
Sincoolka FT Yes Yes Yes Yes Prefer this network for modern devices
Sincoolka Yes Yes Yes No For old devices experiencing issues with fast roaming
Sincoolka 5G No Yes Yes No For devices needlessly preferring the 2.4GHz band
Sincoolka IoT Yes Yes No No For very old or cheap IoT devices

Regarding speed and latency, there is no difference between these networks. The Sincoolka 5G network is not faster than any other network and it's name is completely unrelated to mobile telephone networks!

  • gaming consoles (Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo Switch, Wii etc.)
  • usual IoT devices (from the familiar kinds of Alexa, through some smart lighbulbs, or internet-connected brooms)

(as in, people have tried to get them to work and failed, usually because they don't support enterprise networks)

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