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Certificates - verifying our network identity

In case you need our RADIUS server certificate, or the Certificate Authority certificate, we offer download below.

Local copies are also available below.

CA certificate:
TERENA SSL CA 3, DigiCert Assured ID Root CA (link to CESNET)

RADIUS certificate:
radius.sin.cvut.cz (link to CESNET)

RADIUS server certificate fingerprint: (since 5th November 2019)
SHA1 – 99:1E:04:9F:4B:1A:96:16:E1:62:FA:CC:0F:CB:ED:56:46:EB:67:DC
SHA256 – ED:A1:2E:93:72:E5:A2:7A:8D:C0:E2:4A:CD:B1:7C:3C:0D:C0:3B:78:12:5A:04:26:7A:E7:C5:C4:4B:5B:7B:2B

MD5 – D9:95:EE:AF:F5:5D:F6:22:89:49:88:D8:BF:80:7B:11

To save these to your device, right-click/tap-and-hold on these links and select Save link as… / Save target as…

DigiCert Assured ID Root CA - PEM
DigiCert Assured ID Root CA - DER

First, download these certificates into your Android device. We recommend using Chrome or integrated browser to perform the download, or download them using your laptop/computer and transfer to your Android using a USB cable or an SD card.

DigiCert Assured ID Root CA - PEM
DigiCert Assured ID Root CA - DER

The following instructions differ from device to device, but they all follow the same theme:

In your Android device:

  • Go to SettingsWi-Fi.
  • Go to Advanced Wi-Fi. This can be hidden in a context menu.
  • Choose Install a certificate.
    • A file browser should open. Find your downloaded certificate file (usually in “Downloads” directory) and tap the file. (You only need to install one of the PEM/DER. If one fails, try the other one.)
    • Follow the instructions on your device. Choose a name for the certificate, like “DigiCert” or “Sincoolka”.
    • Choose Wi-Fi as a certificate type, if possible.
    • Confirm the installation.
  • Then, during setting up Wi-Fi, select this new certificate as a CA certificate.
When you remove the Sincoolka Wi-Fi settings, the saved certificate might also get removed. Therefore, you might need to repeat the procedure above.
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