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How to find MAC addresses of a device in Windows

To make network setup easier, the following script is available for download: sin-network-setup-v1.zip.

This script allows both getting MAC addresses and automatic & secure Wi-Fi network setup.

How to use it:

  1. Extract the archive and enter the created sin-network-setup directory.
  2. Right-click sin-setup.bat and choose Run as administrator
  3. In the displayed menu, choose number 3 - Print MAC adresses.
  4. Please send us the MAC addresses displayed via e-mail admin@sin.cvut.cz, or visit LAB during office hours.

The fastest way to find a network adapter MAC address is to press a combination of keys Win+r, write the command cmd into the window and press Enter

Run Window

Then write the command ipconfig /all into the command prompt and press Enter.

Command prompt

Find a information about Ethernet adapter and its Physical Address there.

Ethernet - Physical Address

  If you don't want to type at all, you can click with the right mouse button to the icon of network connection in tray (the bottom-right area of the screen) and choose Open Network and Sharing Center.

Tray icon

Click on the Connections: Ethernet link,

Network and Sharing Center

the on the Details… button,

Ethernet Status

and find there the Physical Address value.

Network Connection Details

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