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COVID-19 and measures in Club Sincoolka

  • It is mandatory to wear face masks inside buildings, except in your room
  • The office (LAB) is open.
  • The gym and sauna will be opening soon. Multimedia room is open to reservations.

Details for some of these regulations can be found below.

Currently it is unclear when we will allow a reopen.

If you apply for the sports membership at this time, we will not be able to fulfill the benefits, therefore, it's entirely up to you if you want to just support us by paying for that membership. We would greatly appreciate it, but that's all we could do at the moment. Hopefully we'll at least be able to do some outdoor events. :)

Currently, the office hours are online! The link is on SINIS main page.

Please see Computer network section for details.

We politely ask you to wear a face mask for your visit. We will have them, too. We thank you for protecting others.

The best places to go for new information about COVID-19 and coronavirus measures – all fully in English:

The directive SIN-NP-2020/2 and directive SIN-NP-2020/4 are now in effect which, starting from 23rd March, apply these restrictions:

  • the operation of gym at Sinkuleho dormitory has been suspended,
  • the operation of sauna at Sinkuleho dormitory has been suspended,
  • Multimedia room reservations at Sinkuleho dormitory have been suspended.

Government regulations are still in effect.

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