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FAQ - Troubleshooting - Frequent issues

The most frequent issues concerning our network are described here. If you have tried everything and still no dice, write us a mail to admin (at) sin.cvut.cz or come see us in LAB during the office hours.

  • I cannot see Sincoolka network in the network list anymore. Why?
    • You have probably been using Sincoolka network before. The security settings might have changed, though. The network will be hidden at the end of the list.
      • Windows 7
        • The Sincoolka network should appear at the very end of the networks list, accompanied by a red cross. Click Open Network and Sharing Center link on the bottom of the window, then on Manage wireless networks and remove Sincoolka network from the list. Now, open the Wifi networks screen again; Sincoolka should be up and available for connection.
      • Windows 8, 8.1, 10
        • The Sincoolka network should appear at the very end of the networks list, accompanied by a white cross in red circle. Select it and click Connect, or Delete and then again Connect.
      • Linux
        • In case Network Manager is having issues with the network settings change, you'll need to Edit connections and either remove or change the network settings (see recommended settings for Network Manager).
  • After entering my credentials, a message appears: “Cannot log in to this network.”
    • Check your school email and password twice. It is required to enter whole email address, including domain.
    • For Linux machines, you need the CA certificate for verification; download it from the CESNET website (DigiCert Assured ID Root CA, PEM format).
    • Try it again. It might not work the first time.

If you weren't able to solve your issue, please come to LAB during office hours.

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