Set up Wi-Fi on Android

Remove current Sincoolka or Sincoolka 5G Wi-Fi networks before continuing.
  1. Turn on Wifi and go to Settings → Wifi.
  2. Choose Sincoolka or Sincoolka 5G network, if available. A window should open to enter login credentials.
  3. In EAP Method, choose TTLS.
  4. Set Phase 2 to PAP.
  5. In Identity, enter your SIN login or SIN email (it can be found in SINIS) and in Password, enter your SINIS password.
    1. Warning: some keyboards add a blank space after you enter your email. You have to remove that space!
  6. Set Anonymous identity to
  7. (For Android 10 and newer) Tap Advanced settings, click Privacy and select Use device MAC.
  8. From Certificate, select Use system certificates
  9. Then, in Domain field (if it appears), enter
  10. Now, tap Connect

In rare cases, it may be necessary to install certificate manually. In that case, please, follow the Certificates - verifying our network identity page.

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