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Connect new device to the network

First you need to become a member of Club Sincoolka, and during that you will register your initial device.

After signing the form, you will be allowed to register more devices. Write the enquiry to administrators at admin@sin.cvut.cz from your registered e-mail address or from your SIN e-mail, or register the device(s) in person, during the office hours in LAB.

For each device, we need to know the following:

  1. the MAC address of the adapter, and whether it's for Wi-Fi or Ethernet.
    Note that laptops usually have two MAC addresses: one for the cable socket and one for Wi-Fi.
  2. the type of the device to be registered (laptop, phone, server etc.)

Administrators will register 1 cable device and up to 3 Wi-Fi devices. Wi-Fi can become quite crowded in the evening, hence the limit. Thanks!

MAC address is an unique identifier of a device in the local network. Displayed in hexadecimal form, it can look like this:

AB:CD:EF:12:A3:04 or AB-CD-EF-12-A3-04

Cannot find the MAC address of your device? Bring it to LAB during the office hours, we'll be happy to help. Sometimes it's found on the box, in case of Ethernet adapters it can be printed on the bottom, but most times you can find it in “Settings” - “Wi-Fi” or “About” section.

Have you just got your device registered? Wait for 15 minutes, then (re)connect your device to the network.

To connect your device to the cable network, it should be sufficient to plug in the cable into the socket in the wall, and the other end into your computer's socket. Haven't got a cable yet? No worries, we'll give you one in LAB.

To connect your device to the Wi-Fi network, connect to the SSID Sincoolka (5G). Use the e-mail and password that you use when logging into SINIS. More info and walkthroughs in the Wi-Fi topic.

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